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Track Pace

$250.00 CAD


AMG TRACK PACE is your personal race engineer, developed by pros for pros. Now you can experience custom performance coaching in your Mercedes-AMG in a way that you can only otherwise find in professional motorsport.

You know the course in detail even before the first tire hits the asphalt. This is ensured by AMG TRACK PACE with more than 60 stored race circuits. And to be sure that you really get the best out of each circuit, you can integrate your own lap and handling circuits into the system.

  • Legendary race tracks such as the Nuremberg Ring, Laguna Seca and the Recardo Tormo Circuit are already stored in the infotainment system of your Mercedes-AMG.
  • And you can easily send over 60 additional pre-recorded circuits to your car via your phone.
  • Create your own lap and handling circuits with user-defined start and end points.
  • You can pursue yet more best times by defining sectors for split times.
  • Measure your acceleration to within a tenth of a second (e.g. over a quarter mile).
  • Record your braking actions.
  • Optimize your reaction times using the manual start procedure with the start signal light.
  • Up to 20 live telemetry parameters show your co-driver how well you are performing at the wheel.
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