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A premier Mercedes enhancement company located in Toronto, we at MB House pride ourselves on our infallible quality standards when it comes to modifying or retrofitting any Mercedes vehicle. With an expansive network that spans over 190 countries, our customers get nothing but the best in terms of performance, aesthetic repurposing, professional servicing, and much more.

Our Services

ECU Tunes

Engine Control Unit (ECU), is the main command center of an automobile, comprising a programmable memory chip that is originally set at standard settings. With the aid of ECU remapping/tuning, these settings can be altered to supremely boost the engine’s performance, improve its fuel efficiency, or even reduce emissions. Our chip tuning experts at MB House will significantly improve the horsepower of any engine by reducing ignition timing, boosting the air/fuel ratio, or employing other methods. While the emphasis on boosting performance is paramount, our MB House expert engineers also understand the delicate balance between efficiency and longevity, consequently offering solutions that take engine life and the power train into account.





476 hp


570 hp


94 hp

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Maintenance and Repairs Done RIGHT

Apart from our globally accessible ECU tuning solutions, our expert mechanics also offer a whole host of maintenance and repair services exclusively here in the Greater Toronto Area. Some of our standard offerings include electronic fixes and repairs, detailed inspection of lubricants and oil as well as replacing them with high-quality synthetic oil where applicable, testing for emissions, repairing transmission, brakes, and much more. Our versatile operation is made possible by our extremely qualified and passionate technicians and engineers, who combine their extensive knowledge with invaluable experience to deliver exceptional results each and every single time.

Another factor that makes us one of the best in the field is our rigorous quality control protocols. All our parts are sourced from OEMs and are widely acknowledged as the gold standard in automotive excellence and match or even surpass international certifications. 

Here is a comprehensive list of our services offered here at MB House:

  • Exhaust System Repair
  • Wheels alignment
  • XENTRY Diagnostics
  • Engine Maintenance
  • Seasonal Maintenance
  • Oil Changes
  • Transmission Repair
  • Emission Control
  • Electronic fix

The MB House Presence is Global

Over 190 countries on 6 continents are within our reach. Every product we install for our fellow customers in Toronto is now available for everyone around the world. Every product we sell goes through rigorous checks to meet our quality standards to ensure the highest customer satisfaction rate. 

Due to our uncompromising stance on quality assurance, it’s understandable that our expert services and quality products are in demand on an international scale. To deal with this requirement, MB House has devised a unique solution that allows our customers across the globe to access our trademark ECU tuning, interior, and exterior accessories, and upgrade kits through our online store. Our state-of-the-art technology along with a well-connected global framework that spans over 190 countries pushes us way ahead of the competition and establishes our presence worldwide. Unrestricted by geography, our international presence also expands to include our impeccable programming and coding services. To know more about our online store program, click below.