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TCU Tune - 9G Tronic

$1,950.00 CAD


If you want to get the most out of the new AMG Speedshift MCT 9-speed 4matic + transmission (VGSNAG3), you will need a thorough preparation for the automatic transmission. The new transmission has become faster, more efficient, and most importantly smarter than its predecessor installed on the previous generation of AMG vehicles - Speedshift MCT 7-speed (VGS4NAG2). In order to ensure the coordinated operation of the transmission, with an increase in the nominal engine power, you will need to reprogram the TCU VGS-NAG3 transmission controller.

    1. TCU tuning will allow:

  1. To raise the maximum permissible torque for all gears
  2. Increase permissible torque during shifting
  3. Increase filling pressure
  4. Increase mainline pressure
  5. To raise maximum RPM for M-mode,
  6. Adjust the RPM of the Launch Control mode (RaceStart) by, for example, 5000 rpm for a significantly more rapid launch, or decrease to minimize tire slippage
  7. Remove RPM limit while driving in a curve (Steering angle torque limitation)
  8. Make gear shifting firmer and faster.

Combining TCU and CPC tuning on the latest cars can improve 1/4 mile time by 0.4-0.5 seconds. W213 E63s stage 1 time without tcu or cpc tuning is 10.8sec. After, cpc and tcu 10.4 sec.

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